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BioMarker Strategies has developed the proprietary and recently patented SnapPath Cancer Diagnostics System for predictive tests to guide targeted drug development and treatment selection for patients with solid tumor malignancies. Our mission is to make personalized medicine more of a reality for these patients.

SnapPath® is unique in automating and standardizing functional ex vivo profiling to capture the dynamic and predictive signaling information available only from live solid tumor cells.

Our PathMAP® Functional Signaling Profiles, created using the SnapPath® system, represent a new class of biomarker tests that are highly predictive of individual response to targeted treatments for solid tumors, because they are based on information available only from live cells.

Our business development efforts are directed toward entering into funded collaborations with companies developing targeted therapies for patients with solid tumors.

The capabilities of SnapPath® and the Functional Profiles it enables are available for Research Use in preclinical studies in tumorgraft and other model systems, and in early clinical studies to assess pharmacodynamic changes in the solid tumors of individual patients.

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